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You Matter More Than You Think

The book ‘You Matter More Than You Think: Quantum Social Change in Response to a World in Crisis’ is about how and why you as an individual matter when it comes to responding to climate change and other global crises. The book is written by social geographer Karen O’Brien. Drawings by Tone Bjordam. You can […]

Podcast about the Future of the Human Climate Niche

Marten Scheffer and Tim Kohler were this week’s guests in the official podcast channel of the Santa Fe Institute. In this episode, they discussed the past and future human climate niche, how our ability to adapt to climate change is hampered by the psychology of sunk costs, and how a better understanding of social tipping […]

Dual Thinking for Scientists

An article about creativity in science (Marten Scheffer et al.), drawing by Tone Bjordam. Recent studies provide compelling evidence for the idea that creative thinking draws upon two kinds of processes linked to distinct physiological features, and stimulated under different conditions. In short, the fast system-I produces intuition whereas the slow and deliberate system-II produces […]

The Biosphere Sculpture

sculpture installation by Tone Bjordam, 2017. Inspired by a diagram and conversations with scientist Prof. Carl Folke from Stockholm Resilience Centre, at a science and art workshop at SARAS Institute in Uruguay.