Critical transitions, the movie

The movie ‘Critical Transitions’ is the result of a true art-science cooperation. It is made by Tone Bjordam in cooperation with Marten Scheffer. The movie is inspired by the scientific work on the way in which complex systems change. It particularly captures the notion that foreseeing critical transitions or even noticing that they are unfolding is hard as they are embedded in the omnipresent permanent flow of change. Often we may only realize the world is not the same anymore in the hindsight. The Arab spring and the global financial crisis illustrate this on a large scale, but on a small scale the same dynamics unfold in anyone’s life. The movie illustrates how, dazzled by myriads of minimal motions, it is hard for us to see that they sometimes erupt into transforming change.

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Critical Transitions, the movie:

  Art by Tone Kristin Bjordam
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