Loss of resilience preceded transformations of Pueblo societies

Today our paper on the resilience of Pueblo societies appeared in PNAS. In this paper we show that transformations of pre-Hispanic Pueblo societies were preceded by a loss of resilience.

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Global inequality remotely sensed

Today our paper on remotely sensed inequality appeared in PNAS. In this paper we show how we can use remotely sensed night-time light, to estimate income inequality world-wide.

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Podcast about the Future of the Human Climate Niche

Marten Scheffer and Tim Kohler were this week’s guests in the official podcast channel of the Santa Fe Institute. In this episode, they discussed the past and future human climate niche, how our ability to adapt to climate change is hampered by the psychology of sunk costs, and how a better understanding of social tipping points and collective information processing at the scale of civilization could help prevent the catastrophes ensured by business as usual.

Podcast: The Future of the Human Climate Niche with Tim Kohler & Marten Scheffer