The Biosphere Sculpture

sculpture installation by Tone Bjordam, 2017.

Inspired by a diagram and conversations with scientist Prof. Carl Folke from Stockholm Resilience Centre, at a science and art workshop at SARAS Institute in Uruguay.

This is what the diagram depicts:

If the economy collapses, society and nature might still survive.
If society falls it takes the economy with it, yet nature can still survive.
But if nature: the ecosystems of the planet, the biodiversity, and the climate as we know it today collapses, then everything falls apart.
If you cut the wires between each layer of the sculpture, they fall down accordingly to the description above.
The social and economic systems we have built can not exist independently from the environment.
Therefore, in a conflict between these three, nature must always come first.
By standing directly underneath the sculpture, you see the same three circles as in the diagram.
If you get too close to the economy part, it seems to overshadow the other two.
Seeing the sculpture directly from above, you only see the part representing nature.
When you see it from a distance you get it all in perspective.

The Biosphere sculpture installation was exhibited at The Resilience Conference 2017 hosted by Stockholm Resilience Centre at Waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2017.