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Climate engineering reconsidered
Barrett, S., Lenton, T.M., Millner, A., Tavoni, A., Carpenter, S., Anderies, J.M., Chapin Iii, F.S., Crépin, A.S., Daily, G., Ehrlich, P., Folke, C., Galaz, V., Hughes, T., Kautsky, N., Lambin, E.F., Naylor, R., Nyborg, K., Polasky, S., Scheffer, M., Wilen, J., Xepapadeas, A. & De Zeeuw, A. (2014)
Nature Climate Change 4 (7):527-529 [full text]

Critical slowing down as early warning for the onset of collapse in mutualistic communities
Dakos, V. & Bascompte, J. (2014)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (49):17546-17551 [full text]

Coupled human and natural system dynamics as key to the sustainability of Lake Victoria’s ecosystem services
Downing, A.S., van Nes, E.H., Balirwa, J.S., Beuving, J., Bwathondi, P.O.J., Chapman, L.J., Cornelissen, I.J.M., Cowx, I.G., Goudswaard, K.P.C., Hecky, R.E., Janse, J.H., Janssen, A.B.G., Kaufman, L., Kishe-Machumu, M.A., Kolding, J., Ligtvoet, W., Mbabazi, D., Medard, M., Mkumbo, O.C., Mlaponi, E., Munyaho, A.T., Nagelkerke, L.A.J., Ogutu-Ohwayo, R., Ojwang, W.O., Peter, H.K., Schindler, D.E., Seehausen, O., Sharpe, D., Silsbe, G.M., Sitoki, L., Tumwebaze, R., Tweddle, D., van de Wolfshaar, K.E., van Dijk, H., van Donk, E., van Rijssel, J.C., van Zwieten, P.A.M., Wanink, J., Witte, F. & Mooij, W.M. (2014)
Ecology and Society 19 (4):Art. 31 [full text]

Early Warning Signals of Ecological Transitions: Methods for Spatial Patterns
Kéfi, S., Guttal, V., Brock, W.A., Carpenter, S.R., Ellison, A.M., Livina, V.N., Seekell, D.A., Scheffer, M., van Nes, E.H. & Dakos, V. (2014)
PLoS ONE 9 (3):e92097 [full text]

Tipping elements in the human intestinal ecosystem
Lahti, L., Salojärvi, J., Salonen, A., Scheffer, M. & De Vos, W.M. (2014)
Nature Communications 5 [full text]

The sudden collapse of pollinator communities
Lever, J.J., van Nes, E.H., Scheffer, M. & Bascompte, J. (2014)
Ecology Letters 17 (3):350-359 [full text]

Pattern formation at multiple spatial scales drives the resilience of mussel bed ecosystems
Liu, Q.-X., Herman, P.M.J., Mooij, W.M., Huisman, J., Scheffer, M., Olff, H. & van de Koppel, J. (2014)
Nature Communications 5 [full text]

Serving many at once: How a database approach can create unity in dynamical ecosystem modelling
Mooij, W.M., Brederveld, R.J., de Klein, J.J.M., DeAngelis, D.L., Downing, A.S., Faber, M., Gerla, D.J., Hipsey, M.R., t Hoen, J., Janse, J.H., Janssen, A.B.G., Jeuken, M., Kooi, B.W., Lischke, B., Petzoldt, T., Postma, L., Schep, S.A., Scholten, H., Teurlincx, S., Thiange, C., Trolle, D., van Dam, A.A., van Gerven, L.P.A., van Nes, E.H. & Kuiper, J.J. (2014)
Environmental Modelling and Software 61:266-273 [full text]

The forgotten half of scientific thinking
Scheffer, M. (2014)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (17):6119 [full text]

Why trees and shrubs but rarely trubs?
Scheffer, M., Vergnon, R., Cornelissen, J.H.C., Hantson, S., Holmgren, M., van Nes, E.H. & Xu, C. (2014)
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 29 (8):433-434 [full text]

Interaction network based early-warning indicators of vegetation transitions
Tirabassi, G., Viebahn, J., Dakos, V., Dijkstra, H.A., Masoller, C., Rietkerk, M. & Dekker, S.C. (2014)
Ecological Complexity 19:148-157 [full text]

Does aquaculture add resilience to the global food system?
Troell, M., Naylor, R.L., Metian, M., Beveridge, M., Tyedmers, P.H., Folke, C., Arrow, K.J., Barrett, S., Crépin, A.S., Ehrlich, P.R., Gren, A., Kautsky, N., Levin, S.A., Nyborg, K., Österblom, H., Polasky, S., Scheffer, M., Walker, B.H., Xepapadeas, T. & De Zeeuw, A. (2014)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (37):13257-13263 [full text]

Erratum to Predicting microbial nitrogen pathways from basic principles [Environ Microbiol, 13, (2013) 1477-1487]
van de Leemput, I.A., Veraart, A.J., Dakos, V., de Klein, J.J.M., Strous, M. & Scheffer, M. (2014)
Environmental Microbiology 16 (1):332 [full text]

Critical slowing down as early warning for the onset and termination of depression
van de Leemput, I.A., Wichers, M., Cramer, A.O.J., Borsboom, D., Tuerlinckx, F., Kuppens, P., van Nes, E.H., Viechtbauer, W., Giltay, E.J., Aggen, S.H., Derom, C., Jacobs, N., Kendler, K.S., van der Maas, H.L.J., Neale, M.C., Peeters, F., Thiery, E., Zachar, P. & Scheffer, M. (2014)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (1):87-92 [full text]

Nile perch (Lates niloticus, L.) and cichlids (Haplochromis spp.) in Lake Victoria: could prey mortality promote invasion of its predator?
van de Wolfshaar, K.E., HilleRisLambers, R., Goudswaard, K.P.C., Rijnsdorp, A.D. & Scheffer, M. (2014)
Theoretical Ecology:1-9 [full text]

Tipping points in tropical tree cover: linking theory to data
Van Nes, E.H., Hirota, M., Holmgren, M. & Scheffer, M. (2014)
Global Change Biology 20 (3):1016–1021 [full text]

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