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Trends in sea-ice variability on the way to an ice-free Arctic
Bathiany, S., van der Bolt, B., Williamson, M.S., Lenton, T.M., Scheffer, M., van Nes, E. & Notz, D. (2016)
arXiv preprint arXiv:1601.06286 [full text]

Statistical indicators of Arctic sea-ice stability-prospects and limitations
Bathiany, S., Van Der Bolt, B., Williamson, M.S., Lenton, T.M., Scheffer, M., Van Nes, E.H. & Notz, D. (2016)
Cryosphere 10 (4):1631-1645 [full text]

Battiston, S., Farmer, D., Flache, A., Garlaschelli, D., Haldane, A., Heesterbeek, H., Hommes, C., Jaeger, C., May, R. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Science 352 (6283):302 [full text]

Complexity theory and financial regulation: Economic policy needs interdisciplinary network analysis and behavioral modeling
Battiston, S., Farmer, J.D., Flache, A., Garlaschelli, D., Haldane, A.G., Heesterbeek, H., Hommes, C., Jaeger, C., May, R. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Science 351 (6275):818-819 [full text]

Why are forests so scarce in subtropical South America? The shaping roles of climate, fire and livestock
Bernardi, R.E., Holmgren, M., Arim, M. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Forest Ecology and Management 363:212-217 [full text]

Kinds versus continua: A review of psychometric approaches to uncover the structure of psychiatric constructs
Borsboom, D., Rhemtulla, M., Cramer, A.O.J., Van Der Maas, H.L.J., Scheffer, M. & Dolan, C.V. (2016)
Psychological Medicine 46 (8):1567-1579 [full text]

Major depression as a complex dynamic system
Cramer, A.O.J., Van Borkulo, C.D., Giltay, E.J., Van Der Maas, H.L.J., Kendler, K.S., Scheffer, M. & Borsboom, D. (2016)
PLoS ONE 11 (12)[full text]

When can positive interactions cause alternative stable states in ecosystems?
Kéfi, S., Holmgren, M. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Functional Ecology 30 (1):88-97 [full text]

Social norms as solutions
Nyborg, K., Anderies, J.M., Dannenberg, A., Lindahl, T., Schill, C., Schlüter, M., Adger, W.N., Arrow, K.J., Barrett, S., Carpenter, S., Chapin, F.S., III, Crépin, A.S., Daily, G., Ehrlich, P., Folke, C., Jager, W., Kautsky, N., Levin, S.A., Madsen, O.J., Polasky, S., Scheffer, M., Walker, B., Weber, E.U., Wilen, J., Xepapadeas, A. & De Zeeuw, A. (2016)
Science 354 (6308):42-43 [full text]

Slowing Down of Recovery as Generic Risk Marker for Acute Severity Transitions in Chronic Diseases
Olde Rikkert, M.G.M., Dakos, V., Buchman, T.G., Boer, R.D., Glass, L., Cramer, A.O.J., Levin, S., Van Nes, E., Sugihara, G., Ferrari, M.D., Tolner, E.A., Van De Leemput, I., Lagro, J., Melis, R. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Critical Care Medicine 44 (3):601-606 [full text]

Anticipating societal collapse; Hints from the stone age
Scheffer, M. (2016)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (39):10733-10735 [full text]

Bistability, Spatial Interaction, and the Distribution of Tropical Forests and Savannas
Staal, A., Dekker, S.C., Xu, C. & van Nes, E.H. (2016)
Ecosystems:1-12 [full text]

Multiple feedbacks and the prevalence of alternate stable states on coral reefs
van de Leemput, I.A., Hughes, T.P., van Nes, E.H. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Coral Reefs 35 (3):857-865 [full text]

Early warning signals for regime transition in the stable boundary layer: a model study
van Hooijdonk, I.G., Moene, A., Scheffer, M., Clercx, H. & van de Wiel, B. (2016)
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 162 (2):283-306 [full text]

What Do You Mean, “Tipping Point”?
van Nes, E.H., Arani, B.M.S., Staal, A., van der Bolt, B., Flores, B.M., Bathiany, S. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31 (12):902–904 [full text]

Remotely sensed resilience of tropical forests
Verbesselt, J., Umlauf, N., Hirota, M., Holmgren, M., Van Nes, E.H., Herold, M., Zeileis, A. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Nature Climate Change 6 (11):1028-1031 [full text]

Remotely sensed canopy height reveals three pantropical ecosystem states
Xu, C., Hantson, S., Holmgren, M., van Nes, E.H., Staal, A. & Scheffer, M. (2016)
Ecology 97 (9):2518-2521 [full text]

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