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Livestock Herbivory Shapes Fire Regimes and Vegetation Structure Across the Global Tropics
Bernardi, R.E., Staal, A., Xu, C., Scheffer, M. & Holmgren, M. (2019)
Ecosystems [full text]

Rethinking resource allocation in science
Bollen, J., Carpenter, S.R., Lubchenco, J. & Scheffer, M. (2019)
Ecology and Society 24 (3) [full text]

Dancing on the volcano: Social exploration in times of discontent
Carpenter, S.R., Folke, C., Scheffer, M. & Westley, F.R. (2019)
Ecology and Society 24 (1) [full text]

Ecosystem tipping points in an evolving world
Dakos, V., Matthews, B., Hendry, A.P., Levine, J., Loeuille, N., Norberg, J., Nosil, P., Scheffer, M. & De Meester, L. (2019)
Nature Ecology and Evolution 3 (3):355-362 [full text]

The minute-scale dynamics of online emotions reveal the effects of affect labeling
Fan, R., Varol, O., Varamesh, A., Barron, A., van de Leemput, I.A., Scheffer, M. & Bollen, J. (2019)
Nature Human Behaviour 3 (1):92-100 [full text]

Transnational corporations and the challenge of biosphere stewardship
Folke, C., Österblom, H., Jouffray, J.B., Lambin, E.F., Adger, W.N., Scheffer, M., Crona, B.I., Nyström, M., Levin, S.A., Carpenter, S.R., Anderies, J.M., Chapin, S., III, Crépin, A.S., Dauriach, A., Galaz, V., Gordon, L.J., Kautsky, N., Walker, B.H., Watson, J.R., Wilen, J. & de Zeeuw, A. (2019)
Nature Ecology and Evolution 3 (10):1396-1403 [full text]

Dynamical Indicators of Resilience in Postural Balance Time Series Are Related to Successful Aging in High-Functioning Older Adults
Gijzel, S.M.W., Van De Leemput, I.A., Scheffer, M., Van Bon, G.E.A., Weerdesteyn, V., Eijsvogels, T.M.H., Hopman, M.T.E., Olde Rikkert, M.G.M. & Melis, R.J.F. (2019)
Journals of Gerontology – Series A Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 74 (7):1119-1126 [full text]

Resilience in Clinical Care: Getting a Grip on the Recovery Potential of Older Adults
Gijzel, S.M.W., Whitson, H.E., van de Leemput, I.A., Scheffer, M., van Asselt, D., Rector, J.L., Olde Rikkert, M.G.M. & Melis, R.J.F. (2019)
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society [full text]

Superorganisms or loose collections of species? A unifying theory of community patterns along environmental gradients
Liautaud, K., van Nes, E.H., Barbier, M., Scheffer, M. & Loreau, M. (2019)
Ecology Letters 22 (8):1243-1252 [full text]

Technology driven inequality leads to poverty and resource depletion
Mirza, M.U., Richter, A., van Nes, E.H. & Scheffer, M. (2019)
Ecological Economics 160:215-226 [full text]

Inferring causation from time series in Earth system sciences
Runge, J., Bathiany, S., Bollt, E., Camps-Valls, G., Coumou, D., Deyle, E., Glymour, C., Kretschmer, M., Mahecha, M.D., Muñoz-Marí, J., van Nes, E.H., Peters, J., Quax, R., Reichstein, M., Scheffer, M., Schölkopf, B., Spirtes, P., Sugihara, G., Sun, J., Zhang, K. & Zscheischler, J. (2019)
Nature Communications 10 (1) [full text]

Manuscripts how to build a cross-disciplinary institute: the curious case of the south american institute for resilience and sustainability studies
Scheffer, M. & Mazzeo, N. (2019)
Ecology and Society 24 (2) [full text]

Finding the direction of lowest resilience in multivariate complex systems
Weinans, E., Lever, J.J., Bathiany, S., Quax, R., Bascompte, J., Van Nes, E.H., Scheffer, M. & Van De Leemput, I.A. (2019)
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (159) [full text]

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