Ingrid van de Leemput

Ingrid van de Leemput is an Assistant Professor at the department of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Her main interest concerns the development of simple models and statistical tools, to understand and indicate the resilience of complex systems. Her main focus lies on systems with alternative stable states and tipping points. One direction of interest is the analysis of multivariate systems. While the theories on alternative stable states and resilience indicators are relatively straightforward for well-mixed univariate systems, model behavior and system analysis become more complex when systems are spatially extended or multivariate. Ingrid likes to cooperate with scientists from entirely different disciplines. Her PhD thesis “Simplifying Complexity, reflections on Ecosystems, Psychiatric Disorders and Biogeochemical Pathways”, reflects her broad interest in the type of systems studied. After her PhD, she worked as a visiting scientist at the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research, Indiana University (USA). Currently, her specific interest concerns theories to get a better understanding of shifts in social-ecological marine systems, the analysis of Twitter data in order to predict social unrest, ways to indicate the resilience of humans, and the analysis of multivariate time series in order to improve the existing resilience indicators.


Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
Wageningen University and Research Centre

Visiting address:
Lumen building, room E115
Droevendaalsesteeg 3
6708 PB Wageningen
The Netherlands

Postal address:
PO Box 47
6700 AA Wageningen
the Netherlands

Tel:      (+31) 0317 482539

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